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about|architectural blue

Architectural Blue (AB) under the leadership of President and Founder J. Mathew Naylor, creates structurally correct watershapes and spas that rise to the level of fine sculpture and environmental art – and enhance your property value at the same time.


Mr. Naylor supervises construction personally down to the finest details. An unrelenting perfectionist, he makes no compromises in quality or artistry, basing his work on creativity that encompasses his educational background and his uncanny eye for color, scale, proportion, and detail. Each project is painstakingly engineered to meet the highest possible standards for hydraulic and structural integrity. 


Mr. Naylor uses the reflective quality of water and the beauty and texture of materials to enhance an overall setting. Rather than visually “forcing the pool” into a setting, his work elegantly enhances the architecture and surrounding environment in a dignified, and often, almost lyrical tone and quality – the watershape and architecture become visually intertwined.


In addition to their beauty, AB’s watershapes and spas function superbly.

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