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With a thoughtful blend of innovative style and the latest technology, Architectural Blue creates state-of-the-art watershapes and poolscapes that are not only distinctive in appearance, water and energy efficient – they are also easy and enjoyable to own.


“Our pools achieve the form and function that satisfies today’s busy, tech-savvy, environmentally conscious consumers,” says President and Founder J. Matt Naylor. “Taking design to the next level allows AB to integrate cutting-edge systems that automate care, enhance a pool’s beauty and longevity, and increase client comfort and safety. The payoff is genuine value—a real return on your investment, with an inspired, worry-free design that delivers the clients vision.


Each watershape is designed to blend seamlessly into its environment—from a rugged scene of nature’s desert beauty to a formal setting with pure, polished elegance. Elements such as fiber-optic lighting, elaborate water features, masonry, and indigenous plantings encompass AB’s pools with impressive style. “Our building experience highly influences our designs. Knowledge of plants, masonry, and watershapes allows us to find unusual and creative resolutions for our clients. We can envision the final product and maintain that vision through each aspect of the project.”


The firm is constantly elevating the standards for both design and construction. The firm’s goal is to collaborate with vendors, contractors and directly with clients to create water as art, while also maintaining and specifying the highest functional standards. The team provides detailed plans and specifications for all areas of their projects—which can be extremely earth-friendly.


Mr. Naylor and his team are known for their uncompromising attention to detail, quality engineering, selection of materials, and on-site execution. The firm’s reputation for specializing in unusual, innovative, and conceptual designs and for providing a particularly high level of service to its clients is unmatched.


The company’s goal is to exceed expectations in every way.

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