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Water | Sound


Sound and flow rate are critical to the mood a water feature will create. Rock waterfalls often produce a gushing sound to drown out ambient noise, while sheetfall waterfalls are quiet and ideal for waterside conversation. How the water enters the pool also has a big impact on sound and overall appearance. “It really is an art to get it right,” Naylor says. “In fact, after the feature is complete and turned on for the first time, we often spend several days fine-tuning the water’s flow to create the desired sound and look.”



Water | Light


There is something magical about a waterscape at night. When the sun sets, a different vibe takes over —something romantic, more intriguing. Magical. 


For a waterscape to truly shine, especially at night, proper lighting is critical.  “Many clients don’t think of lighting in the planning,” Naylor says. “But you have to plan for that. Why go through the process of adding these features and not be able to show them off in the evening?”


Outdoor lighting techniques help to create a specific ambiance in your backyard, adding color, drama, and excitement to your environment. AB is expert at this and will begin by studying the clients’ outdoor space and determining the best method of producing the perfect nighttime experience—starting with safety. Proper lighting provides guests with a sense of well-being, which is why the right amount of lights along paths, steps, and around the pool itself is imperative.


Once safety concerns are resolved, Architectural Blue will create the drama. We are very good at that.


From up lighting the surrounding landscaping to artfully placing in-pool LEDs, lighting plays a key role in your waterscape environment. “Award-winning lighting design requires thought and strategically placing fixtures throughout the waterscape,” says Naylor, “Certain areas of the waterscape allow for the WOW factor – and enhance the other amenities found throughout the outdoor space. LED  lighting and colored lens ??? on specific elements put your project on another visual level altogether.”


Secondly, by incorporating lighting into the waterscape, AB is able to create a mood—romantic, playful, or whatever the homeowner desires. Today’s computerized systems allow that mood to change to suit the occasion.



Water | Fire


The reflection of an open fire on the surface of the water can be quite mesmerizing.  Fire features range from the simple addition of sconces to a fire bar or fire bowl. Each type offers its own charm, and each has the ability to transform a nighttime soiree into an unforgettable experience. 


When lit, they transport viewers to another place and time. Used with water, these features give the setting a dramatic yet welcoming look and feel – adding another dimension of light to sculptures or other art.


Evenings are often the best time to enjoy a backyard poolscape. When organized and implemented properly, the use of lights and fire can magically transform an outdoor setting into a nighttime dream. Fire elements are a perfect evening lighting option – offering illumination while warming the body and the soul. What could be more welcoming to your guests after an evening swim?

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